Friday, 15 June 2012

Why can't I play the way I want

I have started playing the Max Payne 3 multi-player, and I have to confess I quite like it. In what seems like a multi-player world full of gruff military men staring down iron sights, the sideways diving slomo silliness is different enough to be refreshing. It is far from perfect but the once the action gets going, or should that be slowing, it is a lot of fun.

However, while it is different from a game-play point of view, it borrows a few things from the COD franchise. Some good (small maps/team size) and some bad. It is the bad that I want to rant, erm talk about. Loading into the multi-player I am greeted with the options of playing deathmatch, just deathmatch. I don't like death match, never have. I always like objective based play. Looking at the lists it seems that the more advanced modes are locked until I play enough deathmatch to unlock them. This is one of the main reasons why I do not play Call of Duty games, because they always make me play hours of beingkilledmatch before getting to the Capture point stuff that I enjoy. It saddened me that Max Payne had followed this approach.

However this is not what got me angry, that was the fact that I was not being allow to play the game I paid for the way I wanted. The game was actively and knowingly denying me access because I hadn't played enough of it the way it wanted. I understand this with a narrative driven single player, but in a online mode designed to be played with others it seemed liked madness. This is something that has got to stop. We pay a lot of money for these games, that give us alternative roles to play only to be denied what we want. Imagine playing Skyrim and being force to go from one place to another with no deviation (a massive failing in Mafia 2), safe to say it would not be a success.

As a gamer I have a certain  desire to do the opposite of what I am told, and I think that imposing an approach on me causes causes irritation rather than a desire to preserve. That’s why I take the open battles of Battlefield 3 over the closed off fights of COD. I like MP3, but I am not sure enough to keep going through the Payne (What you seriously thought I wouldn't do at least one pun).

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