Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bad company 2 V Battlefiled 3 - Fight!

 Okay, The title of the post may have been a little misleading. Last night I was all alone on the internet and wanted to play something with guns, so, obviously I loaded Battlefield 3. Within moments from clicking the play button I was greeted with an advertisement for some premium service that I have tried to ignore. Then when looking for a match to load into I was reminded that I didn't own the expansion packs and was just one click away from pure joy. 

I ignored this madness and journeyed on. Soon enough I was loading into a match with some very nice people (I have no way of verifying that fact). The game runs wonderfully on my machine and I played as badly as ever. 

I was then killed and was shown that the person who killed me was a subscriber to that premium service I was trying to ignore, this happened repeatedly. 

The game looks wonderful and plays well but there was something missing to me. After an hour I decided to go and pay a visit to an old friend - Battlefield Bad Company 2. 
I loaded Bad company 2 and was not asked to buy an expansion or a premium service. I got to look for a match inside the game and didn't have to choose a server and then wait for a loading screen to even appear. 

The game looks inferior to BF3 that's for sure but that doesn't mean it looks bad. The game is rock solid, there are no little bugs to infuriate no change that I'll get stuck in the menu if I happen to be looking at a score board when I die. 

The classes are better defined and you get rewarded for playing those classes properly where as in BF3 you can ignore your class and play as selfishly as you like without your score reflecting this.

Bad Company 2 is a less modern feeling game, it does not try to force all the players into one place and it does not have levels designed with snipers in mind. It does have a perfectly thought out class system and natural feeling environments. It's a more complete experience from start to finish  

I hadn't realised it before but these are two very different games and as much as it isn't a popular opinion I think BC2 is superior in every game-play element. 

BF3 may have been the big title but I think ill skip BF4 but I'll be going nuts for BC3 :) - also, Vietnam! 

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