Saturday, 7 July 2012

Guild War 2 won't be good enough

I have finally gotten around to pre-ordering Guild Wars 2 (I refused to do it before they announced an actual release date). Then I was struck with buyers regret. I have been looking forward to this game for a very long time (going back several years when I use to joke with Hex that it was vapourware), but I can't help but think that in one way or another it will disappoint. Don't get me wrong I find it highly unlikely that it will be a bad game in any way, but there is probably no chance that it will be the shining beacon of mmorpg's that perhaps many have come to suspect.

I have come to realise that as I have tried various mmo's over the years that there is one constant that I can guarantee. Unfortunately that constant is my disappointment. I was disappointed with LOTRO's wholesale animal slaughter quests, disappointed by Rift's deeply dull story, disappointed by TOR's generic combat and quiet worlds, disappointed by Tera's pure grind and disappointed by the Secret World's combat heavy world. So despite many, if not all of these games, prompting themselves as doing new and interesting things, I found them all to have a bitter aftertaste to say the least.

So while I am looking forward to Guild Wars 2 with much enthusiasm, the beast in the back of my head keeps growling “It won’t be good enough”. What I really hate is that it is probably right. Chances are that the combat won’t be as option filled as I want, the world won’t be as open as I hoped and the story won’t enthrall me forever. I think I bounce from one mmo to the next, daring the game to make me love it. When I don’t love it, then that to me is clearly a sign that the game has failed me (yeah I know that is a slightly messed up point of view). This goes double for games that I have to pay a subscription for, and triple for free to play games.

Still when I get Guild Wars 2 I am going to bloody well enjoy it, despite my brain trying to ruin it for me.


Ama said...

I think you just have to go into GW2 with a new slate. Forget what you know already. You'll have to do that anyway with the skills and traits. It's so different and I've played Lotro, SWTOR, DCU and it's the grind to me. Hopefully, you'll enjoy GW2 as much as I do. (I've played through all BWEs)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I'm pretty new to MMOs, but the one thing I can't stand is a game that steals my time just to stretch out how long I spend in game & therefore how much money I pay the company. This is probably the single biggest draw to GW2 for me at this point - I wrote a couple of posts about this but essentially I just want a game to be fun. I can live with odd mechanics, walled-worlds, dumb story decisions and a hundred other little annoyances just as long as the game is fun! Fun, for me at least, depends upon a few things coming together such as the ability to play it (the PC port of Dead Space was awful to try and use), and the removal of grind from progression (LOTRO, you bastard!) and so far I can honestly say that GW2 has been just that - fun. Nothing I could be comee addicted to playing, spending hours every night locked in questing like a madman, but just a fun game that I can pick up, enjoy and stop with ease.

I hate grind:

But I like fun!