Sunday, 1 July 2012

I think the next Diablo game should be Left 4 Diablo

I finished Diablo 3 for a second go through, this time with a Demon Hunter, which I enjoyed a lot more than my Witch Doctor. I have been playing it through on the higher difficulty of Nightmare. Now I know that this is far from the Inferno difficultly which everyone talks about but it is still a step up for my squishy Demon Hunter. Playing with my wife on this higher difficulty I have an epiphany. The game is now a top down fantasy Left 4 Dead.

Whenever I play Left 4 Dead, I love it for the narrow escapes, the near death finales and the constant tension that waves of zombie death lurk around every corner. Well Diablo 3 doesn't have zombies (ok yes there are some zombies in it), but I get the same sort of feelings. Every uncovered area of the map has groups of enemies, champions and bosses just waiting for me to blunder into them. And when we inevitably do there are the breathless fights were I am constantly having to decide what skills to use, and perhaps more importantly whether to attack or move. And death has come more often than on normal difficult, but I don't begrudge this because in most cases I can see how I could have avoided it.

I can really see why people keep playing after the, relatively, short campaign. Hell I have been playing the same Left 4 Dead maps for years. The reason I love them both is the way the games are always changing things, Left 4 Dead with it's AI Director and Diablo 3 with its randomly generated enemies and choice of side events. It makes me wonder why more games don't use generated content. There are examples out there, like Minecraft, however imagine a shooter or a racing game where the area's are generated from a set of pieces, allowing you to save your favourites. This is actually not a new idea as some of the very early games had randomisation, as do many smaller games like worms. I don't see why we can't just scale this up.

After all in most games these days, games companies seem desperate to keep us playing their games, with then additional of multi-player and DLC to practically every release. Surely a game you can go back to time and again and never been entirely certain what you will get is a better idea. Games companies, make this happen.


Token said...

Its true, when you get to act 2 nightmare you die a lot. Its fun though, my friend and I enjoyed running from certain death more than we did finding loot.

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