Thursday, 5 July 2012

Max Payne Mobile!

One of the problems with PC gaming is that its hard to go back and play an old game, even one's that you think you would really like. For instance, Max Payne (the original) may run okay on a modern PC but it looks like it was made my a child compared to our modern expectations of graphics. Rockstar games however have made the genius decision to release it as a mobile game.

This is the second title that we have seen released from them, the previous being Grand Theft Auto 3. To take an already existing game and modify it for a touch screen device takes far less effort than building a new title from the ground up so financially it's a great move for Rockstar. Expectations for mobile gaming are very low at this time to to take a great game even thought its an older one and put it on your phone is something wondrous as all of a sudden those shoddy PC graphics are cutting edge mobile graphics.

I also like the effort that Rockstar bring to these titles. Its not just a straight port they at the very least put some very natural controls and the ability to customize those controls into the title.

The menu's are all custom made for the device making the games feel fresh and very playable unlike emulated titles that I have seen recently.

Max Payne plays excellently on my HTC Sensation and there appears to be no issues with controls other than if anything they are a little too sensitive, this however is something i got used to fast and it serves you well in the more action driven portions of the game.

The game is a 24 meg Google Play download with a 1.5 gig download update containing the actual meat of the game. If Android titles keep growing like this I think a 32gig SD card is going to be a wise investment.

As I have played through the game (a game I own on my PC through steam) I came to realize that Mobile gaming is the future for older PC games after all there are some truly fantastic titles in the PC's past that most younger gamer's will never play.

Max Payne is a solid Title. Buy it from Google Play now!


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Hi - I bought it a few weeks ago & was mighty impressed except that it made my phone heat up like a poptart so I uninstalled it. Probably need beefier phone than this Galaxy S2 :-D

By the by, I got a Samsung 32Gb class 10 card for about £22 from Amazon.

Hex DSL said...

@HeadBurro - Its quite normal for androids to get crazy hop when you ramp up the 3d work.

Usually its the screen that gets hot not the back plate, normal but worrying.