Sunday, 29 July 2012

Past the half way mark

As we are in the summer games lull, now seems a excellent time for me to look back at my list. For those of you who haven't been following, this year I have been keeping a track of every game I have played, and more importantly finished. This is mostly for my own purposes, a track of my obsession and elective, schizophrenic tastes, than anything else.

So far I have managed to complete 28 games, which is more than I expected. I estimated that last year I finished about 30, so either I was well out, or I have played a lot more games this year. If this rate continues I would guess potentially I would breach the big 50 mark before the year is out. I have played quite a few games that I haven't finished, and a few more that I have tried but didn’t like or were disappointing (I am looking at you Yakuza Dead Souls).

What have I learnt about myself then? Well looking at the list it is clear that I tend to favour shooters, and that when I get a decent shooter I tend to plough right through it. This might be down to the fact that most shooters aren’t that long, though the longer games like Alan Wake and Wolfenstein I still finished in a week or so. I think this is more to do with me than the games, some people sink into a hot bath to relax, I love single player shooters. Also I have notice that I completed some pretty shonky shooters, Syndicate and Fear 3, just because the core shooting in them is pretty decent. I am a little ashamed of the fact that I finished Syndicate in about a week, at about 6 hour long, but it took me months to finish Limbo, which is a far better game.

Other trends? Well it is safe to say that, despite me trying, racing games are just a none starter with me, this even goes as far as something like the snowboarding game SSX. I think I just don’t enjoy a game without a narrative, even if it is not a very good one. Or maybe I am just not very good at them, I think perhaps a bit of both. Also seems that same goes for fighting games, Marvel vs Capcom looked great and was full of characters I love but it was a none starter for me.

Humm I guess I better finish this off with a list. This is the top 5 games I have completed this year.

  1. Skyrim - An amazing living fantasy world begging to be explored. Something for everyone. I am fighting the urge to create another character as I know it will pull me back in.
  2. Alan Wake - As I said I love narrative, and this has one of the best. Manages to be both cheesy and moving at the same time, combined with great graphics and interesting game mechanic makes it a must play
  3. Trine 2 - The most beautiful game I have played this year. Play with a friend and you will love every minute. Charming, funny, clever and utterly adorable.
  4. Saints Row The Third - A smorgasbord of fun, silly things to do in a ridiculous sandbox city. Check any cynicism you may have and have a whale of a time.
  5. Spec Ops The Line - The only “short” shooter on the list. It demands to be played. Not because the shooting is really good (it isn’t) but because it actually make you feel your actions.

Should you be interested in what I have played you can find it here.

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