Sunday, 22 July 2012

The PC is my favourite console.

I recently brought, or perhaps I should say re-brought, a Xbox 360. I have no particular love for Microsoft or their console, however I really wanted to play Halo Anniversary. After playing Halo for a bit, I started browsing all the crap on the xbox dash I can't use because I am not a Xbox Live Gold member (I really begrudge paying for something that should be free), I had a thought. My PC is a games console.

PC's have many varied and interesting functions, however 90% percent of the time I use it to play games. Compare that to my favourite console, the Playstation, game time is probably closer to 40-50%. Whether that is using LoveFilm or watching videos, the console doesn't get used to play games on that much. Compared to my Xbox or Wii, which I essentially turn on play a game and then turn off, my PS3 can be on for hours. While I do have a tendency to leave my PC on, unless I am playing a game I am probably not using it. My lovely phone and tablet allow me to check emails, websites and tweets with ease, so there isn't much left for me except for gaming.

I am not saying I don’t use my PC a lot, I do, because I play a lot of games, Steam tells me I own 263 games. Some of these I have finished but many I have barely touched. Compared that to the number of console games I own, about a dozen in total across all the consoles, it isn’t surprising really. Especially when the steps between wanting to play a game on my PC and playing are so few between each other. Hell even getting PC games is really easy and pretty cheap compared to the consoles. For instance I had Max Payne 3 at launch and paid £22.37 for it. That is probably at least £15 less than the console version. This is aside for Steam Sales and such.

So while I have a pretty powerful PC, more than capable of editing video, making programs, editing websites and making music with, I will be in the corner blowing shit up.


Hex DSL said...

my steam count 274 xD

Token said...

I think this is all very true. If I still had a console I would be using it for streaming TV and not for games.

Hex DSL said...

@Token for 90% of the time my PS3 is known as the 'Netflix box' the rest of the time I play Killzone with my ex wife.