Sunday, 5 August 2012

Art, Industry and a game with a yeti!

 It should be obvious to any regular reader to this blog that I have recently felt jaded towards the current trends in gaming. I have been angered by constant carrot waving and penny pinching DLC, pre-order offers, viral marketing, real money auction houses and always connected DRM.

As direct a response to this silliness I have abstained from gaming for a few weeks. Sure, I have had a little dabble with Modern warfare or Bad company 2 socially but instead of those marathon gaming sessions that affirm my geek life I have read books and comic's ( shameless plug), I have even watched a movie or six (finally getting my use out of that Netflix subscription) 

After my little break from gaming I found myself yesterday morning a little more fired up to play, I jumped into an old classic 'LotRO' (Lord of the Rings Online) and had a nice time with a level 18 character I had all but forgotten about. A few hours later I was back into the swing of things and enjoying the game a great deal. I got to a moment when I realised that I needed to resubscribe to it to maximise enjoyment. Oddly this didn't infuriate me as paying for MMO's is a well established habit of mine. 
This morning I have enjoyed Max Payne on my phone and oddly some Ski Free as well. As soon as I finish writing this Blog I will probably load LotRO and waste the entire evening in it. 

What as made this sudden change? I think its simple really. I'm a life long gamer, I have loved games as long as I can remember but recently all that stuff I mentioned in my opening paragraph as overshadowed it in the gaming media and even in the day to day playing. Every time I load Origin I get an ad for the Sims, every time I exit a Steam game I get a pop up with 'Steam news' (adverts). 

After a while though, the desire to play a game comes back like the desire to visit an old friend and in the end gaming is not an addiction or a habit its a pass time as valid as any other, I don't consciously take a break from music or books I just do something different for a while but because gaming is so integral to my identity it becomes an event when I'm not in the mood to play. The way movies are advertised infuriates me but this doesn't stop me watching a Bluray. I have to learn to see the divide between the art and the industry. 

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1000damage said...

Games are mainstream now. They're 'established'.

Glad you found a personal resolution, but don't mind the trends. If you wait long enough you'll find almost all trends are actually cycles. The things that infuriate you (even if you now don't mind so much), will eventually be phased out in the distant future.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got push notifications from VilleFarmCityQuestRPGOnline to attend to.