Monday, 27 August 2012

Different games same experience

I made it into the Planetside 2 beta, and while it has promise, it still seems to need a lot of work. However what really struck me is just how uninterested I am. I have half a dozen multi-player shooters installed on my PC, and more on my consoles, and I am struggling to get the motivation to play any of them. I love shooters, but all multi-player shooters seem to be a case of spawn, run about, maybe shoot someone and then die, repeat ad infinitum. People think the multi-player is a more interesting than single player, because the people you are playing against make it interesting. However the other people are just going through the same cycle you are, with varying levels of success.

However I believe that I am no longer interested in this cycle. I mean sure I will probably still play an online shooter every now and then, but it will probably only be when chatting to people. I think the days of me playing Battlefield for hours on end have passed. Hell I think the reason I always like the battlefield games is because they gave me something more to do than just shooting, like healing or repairing vehicles. It is not enough for me anymore. 

I recently replayed both the Bioshock games and even though I had finished both games previously, I still enjoyed the narrative and variation in game-play far more than any multi-player game I touched in the last couple of years. Hell I played Inversion, which is a deeply mediocre third person shooter, and enjoyed it far more than the Halo or Modern Warfare online games I have tried recently. I guess it comes down to a question of why? Not wishing to sound like a pretentious twat, but why would I want to play a round of deathmatch or capture the flag? So I can level up and unlock a new weapon, so I can do the same thing again but with a different weapon? Yawn, what else have you got? Oh so I can feel satisfied that I managed to kill another player, so I can feel good and they feel bad. No thanks.

So am I done entirely with multi-player? With Guild Wars 2 literally on the doorstep I find myself in the unusual position of looking forward to the PVP. The idea of mixing skills and tactics, and playing for cosmetic rewards is far more enticing prospect than another round of generic shooting men (sci-fi or otherwise) running around a map (small or big). I am concerned that people are putting more and more effort into slightly different shooters that people like me are becoming increasingly immune to their charms. Much like the situations mmorpg's have been in for the last few years, where companies have been creating variations on the same game.

I think it is safe to say that unless something radical happens I won't be buying Medal of Honor Warfighter, or Black Ops 2 or even Battlefield 4 when that is release. I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't be alone.

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