Sunday, 23 September 2012

GW2, still in love.

Guildwars 2 has taken quite a bit of my time. Its a game that I have instantly taken to and so far I haven't encountered anything that irritates me. This is a highly subjective thing to say but so far it's close to a perfect game for me. So much so that I haven't even logged into another MMO (LotRO) since GW2 was launched (Something I intend to correct this weekend)

There are lots of thing about GW2 that I could praise but one thing that just sticks as a stroke of genius is that the game has no structured quests past a main story line. As you explore the content there are event that can happen at any time (kill the thing, collect the thing, save the thing) as tasks to complete (help the villager by  killing enemies, gathering resources or destroying stuff for them)

At first I thought the lack of real questing content would bore me but instead it means I have less distractions and unfinished tasks in any quest logs. I get the same rewards and content as quests with the events and tasks but the game doesn't feel the need to ask me to kill ten wolves or my favorite 'Earn my trust' (kill ten more wolves) - Questing has never been something that has bothered me in a game I have always been happy to go to a way point and collect/kill stuff, its part of the genre and not a thing I object to. It is nice to just not worry about questing for once though. Its also nice to find a game that has a single plot line with no 'filler' to grind through.

I have been enjoying getting my XP from exploring, finding Way Points, POI's and events/tasks but what dawned on me today was that I wasn't doing this to grind out levels but I was genuinely thrilled to reach 100% in an area, I was not grinding levels but maps.

Each map area has a number of Points of interest, Way Points, Skill points and tasks, when you unlock/finish all of these things you get a little loot chest and a fuzzy feeling inside. This has been my obsession with the game and levelling has been a side effect. All games have to measure progress in some visible way so that you can feel like your moving along the story as well as have indicators as to when its time to move to a new area. With most games a good time to move on is when your are 'dry' for quests in an area but in GW2 you move on when the area is 100% complete. It's just another way of looking at the same thing but it really serves to make the game feel different to the rest of the MMO's out there.

The other thing that just screams genius to me is the lack of tagging. As we all know in most MMO's whatever party or individual hits a target first is the one who receives the XP when the target dies. In GW2 everyone gets a crack as a target and it magically shares XP and loot in a way that I don't really understand (because its works and so its not something that I feel the need to investigate) this means everyone who see's  a fight has the urge to jump in and lend a hand. As a result the community has no reason to act like jackasses.

GW2 is a great game that I am enjoying so much more than I expected. its great to find something to enjoy. I just hope it doesn't ware off in teh way most MMO's do. 

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