Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A man walks into a bar, gets bored.

I read Hex's most recent blog about Guild Wars 2 and a thought struck me. He states that when playing he found that he didn't look at a levelling bar at all, and gave it practically no consideration, as he was enjoying the game so much. This struck me as an odd statement, not because I disagree with it, more that he felt the need to point it out at all. I know I am not what I would call a mmo player, however a game needs to engage me, or the game has failed.

I have nothing against the levelling mechanic, but it should be a case of "oh cool I levelled." rather than "just 1 more quest and ten more bear kills and I should level.". Levelling should be a mini reward for playing and enjoying the game, little achievements I guess. A game should be a fun and engrossing experience that should be enjoyable with or without levelling. As soon as you make the game about levelling it fails. A prime example of this, for me at least, is The Old Republic, which I found the earlier levels really engaging but later on the great story dried up, I found myself level watching and subsequently quit.

I know that Hex has no problem running around killing bears for xp just to level, I am just not willing to spend half my time looking at a bar.

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