Saturday, 13 October 2012

Quick it is Time to kill these Events.

Resident Evil 6 has been receiving a critical drubbing, for several reasons, but one of the
primary ones being that it's insistence on shoehorning in a quick time event in at every
given opportunity. Strangely people have reacted badly to this change from the franchise norm. Previous Resident Evil games have had QTE's in, but not to anywhere near the minute to minute basis that they are in RE6. Having played the demo on the xbox I can confirm that the game does involve a hell of a lot of stick waggling (snigger).

So are quick time events acceptable? Having played through the previous RE games
recently, I think it is safe to say they are not. I love games and the more QTE's are in
a game, the less it becomes, erm well a game. It essentially becomes little more than
a Dragon's Lair style affair, with the same failing. That failing being that you succeed
in the QTE, or you die and you go back, often having to go through the whole process
again. This is a tedious memory task, which you will probably fail the first time because you
don't know that the QTE is going to happen.

So why include quick time events into games at all? It is easy to say that some video
game makers really just want to make movies, and I think there is an element of truth to
this. With pre rendered videos and QTE's, you can make the character do amazing things
that making a game mechanic for would be difficult, if not impossible, to do. A prime
example being RE5 boulder punching, which is, lets be honest, pretty ridiculous. The problem being that a good game mechanic can make a player feel awesome, even if what they are doing is not spectacular, where succeeding at a QTE, even if it looks spectacular, doesn't make you feel awesome. If anything QTE's are chores, things to do so you can get back to the proper game.

This is the reason I never took to Heavy Rain, it felt like a movie (not a very good movie at that) with the chore of completing QTE's added in. I have nothing against story driven, gameplay light games, as I adored Dear Ester and the Walking Dead games, because the mechanics aid the story, as opposed to Heavy Rain where they hinder the story.


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