Monday, 19 November 2012

A Gaming Geek ramble.

A few weeks ago I chose to pick up Windows 8. As a veteran Windows user I didn't want to risk grading my already flaky windows 7 install so I chose to 'keep nothing' when I installed. Aside from a new issues the new OS had with my hard drives SATA slot selection everything went swimmingly.

Having only a crappy ADSL internet connection it took me a few days to re-install all my games and get everything working as I like it. Since my re-install I've only really played two games, Minecraft and Guild Wars 2. At any given time I have a stack of games installed but this re-install of my system made me suddenly be aware that as long as those two games are installed then everything else is really just filler for me.

I wonder how many of us keep games installed 'just in-case' we fancy playing them to then never click the launch button. in fact. how much time to be waste setting up and installing games that we don't really need.

So far no game that I have tried has had any issues with Windows 8 and that has shocked me a little. Even when I made hte jump from XP to windows 7 there was one or two titles that needed compatibility mode and dark voodoo to get working but so far with windows 8 its all been straight forward.

GW2 players of the world, if you ever have to format your PC and re-install everything then back up your GW2 directory to a spare drive because wonderfully you can just click the guildwars2.exe file from anywhere and it runs, no registry keys or install DVD needed. Its a totally portable game.

I think next time I format my machine I will only install a game when I want to play it rather than setting up everything I 'may' want to play. maybe the lack of selection will encourage me to stay more focused on one title. like maybe one day if i focus really hard I'll beat that score on Ski-Free

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