Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lara. I just don't get it.

Iv'e been milling about the internet now, pretty much ever since I got that 14.4 BPS Modem for a birthday present. So, you can tell I'm not not new here. My sorry butt was digitised before the eternal September started.

In this astonishing amount of time I used a web browser for many things. Not least of them gaming. I have played everything in a browser window from Rotox to Quake live. But today I saw something strange. Lara Croft and the Guardian of light in a browser.

This was a featured item in the Chrome webstore today. Here is the link if this is something that makes any sense to you.  I cant understand it. I just see no purpose for any game as whole as this one to exist inside a browser.

I just don't understand what the market for this type of thing is. I get that Angry birds and those facebook games work well in browsers but I see no benefit for anyone to shoehorn a larger title like this into a web browser, something designed for the web and the browsing of it. i just don't.... what? why? I don't get it and it makes me mad. 

Watching youtube/netflix/crackle in browsers makes sense to me because the video is coming from the internet so unless this whole game is being streamed I see no reason to use a web browser.

Quake live being a very core game exists as a browser title to lock its net code and secure its fair play promise, it match making does things that web servers do, it matches and searches for things but Lara Croft? why?

 I could 'add to chrome' and find out but as I already own this game I see no point, and the concept makes me angry in an irrational way. 


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