Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ops I did it again

Ok, yes, fine,  I started playing World of Warcraft again,  but it really isn't my fault,  it's my wife's. She gets an email from blizzard saying that she can try Mists of Pandaria free for 10 days, so we decide to check it out (heh worse case scenario I could squeeze a blog out of it). We log into our only level 85 characters and head off to Pandaria. My first thought we're of how good Blizzard have gotten at their scripted stuff,  full in game cut scenes with voice acting. In fact there seems to be quite a lot of voice acting,  not up to TOR volumes but still a decent chunk.

So there I was running around completing quests, exploring the world, and it suddenly hits me,  I am having a whale of a time.  The quests are funny,  they have a very smooth flow and the combat is as fun as it ever was.  Hell I even like the changes to the talent tree, which uncomplicates  things significantly.  Much to my concern I could feel myself falling in love with WoW again.  You could argue it was me being nostalgic, and I am not sure I would argue too strongly against that.  Never the less I was eager to see and play more, and even looking at levelling some of my level for 80's up to 90, going through the Cataclysm and MOP content.  

Then last night we hit a wall, we had earned enough Xp to go from 85 to level 86, but it just wasn't happening. A quick Google revealed why,  the 10 day trial account is limited to level 85, which is fairly understandable. So we had a choice to make,  neither of us expected to fall for WoW again,  but we had and didn't want to stop playing.  A quick internet search found a game key delivery site (simply games) selling MOP for £17.99, so just over £35 for the both of us, and we retain the 8 days trial time we have left. So I am now a WoW subscriber again (sort of, haven't actually committed to pay monthly yet), and I must admit I am happy about it.

Will it last? Will I get all obsessive about it again? I have no idea, however I am just going to play until I stop enjoying it. Though I will say this, as much as I like GW2, and that in many ways it is a better game, I don't think I ever fell in love with it.