Monday, 28 January 2013

I let the Mists veil my view for long enough

Last night I made the choice to quit WoW (sigh yes,  I know,  again). This was following a ten man raid and prior to that a conversation with the guild leader that my dps was not all it could be. Don't misunderstand me,  she was lovely about it and everyone in the guild is really nice, made up of a mixture of people I used to know and new people. However it brought home for me that the underlying problems of WoW (and the genre as a whole I guess) are still there. I can't just log in and play the way I want to and happily continue to progress.  Up to this point I had been pretty much just guessing as to what was right, and I certainly find it easy to believe that I had been playing,  well wrong.

But I think that's what bothered me,  the idea of playing right or wrong.  This was my game and I should play it the way I want. The thought of reading up on theorycrafting and the right enchants and bonuses was not appealing.  Of course I could have just taken the step of stopping raiding or playing another character, however I had become a little disenfranchised even prior to last night.  I kept feeling compelled to complete daily's, do dungeons and grind reputation,  even though I knew that I was literally completing tasks as an excuse to keep logging in.

And I would keep logging in regardless of being aware of this, there was always another quest to complete, a few more reward points to get and weirdly for me,  more achievements to unlock.  Normally I couldn't give a rat's ass about achievements,  however in WoW each time you get one,  it announces it to your entire guild, which would usually lead to a round of "Gratz" from guildmates for even the most mundane of accomplishments.  I guess if I had to describe it, I would say the whole thing is hollowly satisfying.  

I think the raid brought this into focus,  as the raid was in no way easy and there was plenty of dying.  And it made me realise that in reality this was the meat to the game and the rest is the, well pastry of the WoW pie.  I could have kept doing dailies and dungeons and it would have been fun but never satisfying, or I could dive into raiding 3 or 4 nights a week, working on spell rotations and looking at class forums.  And potentially the satisfaction of that exists,  finally defeating that boss you have been trying for weeks. Well the satisfaction of that is one of the highest you can find in gaming,  I know I have been there.  But I ultimately decided that neither option held any great appeal,  so that's why I quit.

To anybody from my guild that is reading (Release and Run), you are all lovely people and I thank you for the time I spent with you.

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Silver Cee said...

WoW in all its splendor and in all its expansions still hasn't changed since The Burning Crusade's BoJ grind integration. When end lvl faction and badge/points grind it was new and interesting to do everyday.

now it is what has stagnated the game as a whole and has done for years. The journey to 90 much more enjoyable than the end lvl gear grind which has been a problem since WoW's inception.

Altho the journey to 90 is fun the monthly sub is just not good in these times on decent -great mmos that don't charge a monthly fee to play.

SWTOR - I am NOT looking at you