Saturday, 19 January 2013

PC Gaming on the rise?

Be it a result of social media immersion or be it an irrefutable fact. The perception I have is that PC gaming is on the rise. When I browse /r/games I see nothing but comments about the joys of PC gaming. When I search the web I get nothing but PC results for gaming titles (and I use DuckDuckGo so its not ever a bubble issue) With so many PC centric blogs, sites and youtube newcomers as well as the strives forwards in hardware its a great time to be a PC gamer.

PC gamers have the best back catalogue, the best indie titles, the best graphics and the fastest load times (rig dependant) but I have to wonder is this good fortune a direct result of the console generations growing long in the tooth or is this the new renaissance of the PC gamer?

this hasn't exactly been a blog post as much as a joy filled shout, too many blogs last year banged on about the death of the PC gaming platform and I wanted to put on record that PC gaming is in a great place after all we have our gods watching over us and they are mostly indie developers at the moment.

Stay classy fellow PC gamers.


The GM said...

I've spent much more time gaming on my PC over my console this last year. Huzzah for PC gaming!

Hex DSL said...

my PS3 is pretty much a blu ray player now. my Wii is just dusty and the last none PC game i brought was... was.... err... a pre owned copy of fallout 2 i think.