Sunday, 6 January 2013

The final countdown (of games)

As I have just finished my first game of 2013 (The Last Story, it’s fab, go buy it), I figured now would be a good time to looks at my list. For those of you that don’t know I have been listing all the games that I have played and more importantly finished this year. I counted finished as seeing the end credits or completing the main story line. So how does the list stack up?

I played a total of 67 games and finished 45, which gives me a completion ratio of 67.2%, which is pretty good going I think. You have to bare in mind that some of these games I tried and were just bad games, like Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City or Armoured Core 5, or indeed I could see that they were good games, just not for me, like SSX and Marvel vs Capcom.

Looking through the list of games is interesting, a lot of the games I finished were really good, and mostly I didn’t do more than a couple of hours on the  games that weren’t good. However I did finish a few stinkers. Syndicate was mediocre, doing nothing exciting with the handful of ideas it had, Inversion was a shoddy third person shooter, nothing more and by far the worst game I complete was Black Ops 2, stupid plot and didn’t even make the shooting fun. All this says to me is that I am pretty happy playing shitty single player shooters, humm not sure what that says about me.

Actually looking at the list I note that 26 of the games I completed involved shooting heavily (including the likes of New Vegas and Mass Effect 3). I like to think this reflects the game market rather than me as a gamer, however I think we both know that's not true, I just like shooting things in video games. Does that make me a monster as the media would like to make out, of course not, the last violent act I committed was when I was 15 and a punched a kid that was asking for it. Shit that was 20 odd years ago.

Any getting back on topic, I have to say that I am pretty happy with 45 games. I suppose for someone who plays about 30 hours a week, then that kind of volume is to be expected. I would have liked to have added another column to the page, time to complete, however I am no where near that anal (I am pretty sure I have missed off a game or 2 from the list down to laziness already). I can take some rough guesses, would imagine that Skyrim is probably my most played (according to steam 101 hours), though I must have easily played about the same of The Old Republic.

The question I have to ask myself is am I going to continue with the list, and I keep saying no to myself.  I keep telling myself that I can't be bothered, or that it served it’s purpose. However at the back of my mind I know this is me lying to myself. I say this because I know the reason i want to stop counting completed games is because I have started playing a lot of WoW again. The last time I started playing this much WoW, it took me almost a year to finish Far Cry 2, but I recently ploughed through 3 in about two weeks. I am concerned I am going to get that way again and want to hide it from myself. Fuck I just read that last paragraph back to myself. Excuse me I am going to go have a little cry now.


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Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki said...

Can you make a 2560x1440 version of this? I would like to use it on my YouTube channel, The Nuke Survivor