Monday, 14 January 2013

The Piston Post

With CES 2013 in full swing the internet is a fire with talk of new hardware and interfaces. There is major hype around the Piston box (the so called Steam Box prototype.) So far though other than the The Orbweaver Mechanical keyboard from Razer I have seen very little that has peaked my interest. 

Sure the Steam Box is awesome but until I see a Valve badged box it may as well be pure fiction. I find it strange how hyped we are for the new announcements at these sorts of shows when the actual hardware wont be available until next year most of the time. 

Anyway, I digress.. The Piston is a tiny and beautiful box that houses an AMD APU as well as 8GB of RAM.  Past that we know very little about the little box other than it maybe one of the proposed deigns to end up with a valve logo on the side. Personally I hope they use more proprietary hardware like an ITX/micro ATX based motherboard in a custom case so I can upgrade it with old hardware. The thing I find fascinating is that everyone is so busy discussing how wonderful it is that it will run Linux that no one has asked what developers other than Valve will be porting games over to the platform. What exactly will the release line-up be for the tiny wonder? 
Another thing we haven't seen is any form of controller/interface for the Steam Box project. I doubt Valve will use 360 controllers by default although I have no doubt that they will be usable if you want to.

Many people far more skilled than I have written articles about Steam Box and the Piston so rather than try to explain it here I'll just provide a link to Hexus where they explain it well with diagrams and everything. 

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