Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Rant about PC gamers.

After a somewhat intense You-tube based evening I stumbled across this video from a man who calls himself  'BaldAtGames' he basically bashed PC gamers who use Steam for being 'soft' and claims that some how his gaming time is more relevant than other because he used to download patches from websites and presumably remembers Frontier: Elite 2.

This is a single video that aptly covers a certain opinion that I keep running into as I wonder around the internet aimlessly. There seems to be quite a few console gamers coming to PC at the moment. This happens whenever there is a large gap in the release cycles of consoles. Many gamers simply gravitate to the the PC for better graphics and when they begin to immerse themselves in PC communities they begin to get 'told off' for being a new comer to the platform. People appear to resent them because they have good rigs and no idea how to use them.

The obvious argument to have is that if we're not nice to new comers then we'll drive them away but I think it goes a little deeper than this. I remember when a game came out a long time ago called outcast, the game was pretty good but one of the strange things about it was that there was a bug in the installer that would cause it to appear to install the game then at  the very end crash and you would find no game on your hard drive. Back then you would have to manually unpack the game, if you were lucky enough to have access to the internet at the time you could easily find information on how to do this. I have many memories of gaming leading to learning and at times some pretty hard core tinkering. One of those things for me was learning to use the subst command to get a game to run from a hard drive because my CD-ROM was only single speed and it slow as hell.

Flashing forwards to 2013 I can buy a game on Steam or a box copy and install it with fully automatic patching and if something does go wrong I simply ask Google how to fix it. I learn less this way but I have more time to actually play the games I buy. The teenage me envies Steam and even Origin to certain extent. In many ways gamers are less 'hardcore' than they used to be but who cares. Think about a console gamer experiencing a fully modded PC Skyrim install for the first time, then come back a hundred hours of game play later while the console gathers dust and tell me he's not hardcore.

Hardcore is a stupid word. If we insist on using it we have to remember that its not what rig we have, not what peripherals we use but its how deeply we soak ourselves in the actual games. If you don't want to talk to the newcomers then don't but don't tell them they are too late just because you feel too old.

/Rant over.

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