Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I think I have a problem

Ever since the Sony PS4 reveal, I have been tempted to pick up a PS Vita. I was pretty impressed with the remote play and it was enough nudge the Vita into the "I want one." section of my brain. And then yesterday I see that HMV are selling Wii U premium for £200 with Zombie U, and again my brain interrupts with constant chants of "Want one". I am force to look at this practically. I have dozens of pc games I haven't even scratched, I am barely half way through Ni No Kuni and Dragons Dogma. And here I am looking at buying more games machines, one with nothing I especially want to play (the vita) and one with literally 3 interesting titles (Zombie U, Monster Hunter and Lego City).

What is wrong with me, I have loads of cool stuff to play, yet I am always looking at new stuff, like it is somehow better. I know it is not, and yet this doesn't stop me from wanting it. If I played each game that I haven't even touched yet for 5 hours each, then I probably looking at 50 odd hours. Maybe I am just hard wired to go after the shiny new stuff, not sure that this is a good thing.
Maybe it is just an achievement thing. I don't get any joy from getting achievements in game, but when I get a new game, or especially a device, I get a wave of satisfaction and joy which I guess is what people get from achievements. Maybe I am so addicted to it that I need a bigger hit. Heh I recently teased my co-blogger Hex about his new comic obsession, and the fact that he can't miss a single issue of an event or run. But it occurs to me that maybe I am just as bad with games, always looking for the new purchase (or hit I suppose), regardless of whether it is required or not.

This is why I  tend to be interested in all games, regardless of what they are. I don't want to miss out on anything. Sometimes this is a boon, ending up with an awesome game like XCOM, and sometimes ending up with stuff I never touch, like that copy of Street Fighter 2 I have on steam. I DON'T EVEN LIKE FIGHTING GAMES! Regardless of whether I love the games in the end, I still enjoy buying them. Humm if I was a shitty stand up comic I would make a gag about women buying shoes right now.

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