Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The tale of Crazy Joe

Hex has been getting back into Diablo 3, so last night I joined him, me playing my Witch Doctor and him his Wizard, both about level 35 playing nightmare difficultly. We get the point where you meet the Scoundrel, a recruitable henchman, who is trying to fleece a farmers daughter of a prized artefact  We are set about by bandits, which we deal with quickly, including their boss. It is at this point that I notice a lone bandit was stood there, stabbing me, fairly ineffectually, with his little knife. So I hit him with a couple of firebombs, and he kept standing there stabbing me, seemingly unfazed.
It was at this point I squealed for hex, whose lightening bolts proved equally useless. At this point we started running around being chasing by a guy in a green tunic brandishing a small blade, whilst we waited for the gate to open. It looked very much like Blizzard's take on Benny Hill (if you don't know Benny Hill, youtube is your friend). The gate opened an we ran through, more terrified of Crazy Joe, as we had now named the unkillable bloke, than any of the other monstrosities we had seen in the game.

He followed, we made it to a quick travel point and zapped back to town and safety. We took our breath, sold sold stuff and ported back. Joe was waiting for us, his maddened eyes and pathetic blade glinting in the moonlight. We ploughed on entering dungeons and forest but Joe was always waiting when we came out. We finally went back to town and let out a breath of relief. We were safe, and more importantly the next section takes us in the opposite direction to Crazy Joe. Still I am a little afraid to play Diablo 3 again, I can't shake the feeling he will be waiting for us, possibly sharpening his blade.

A little tale of how a bug in a game changed the way we played. Would love to hear any stories you might have of bugs breaking your games, but, y'know, in a good way.

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Hex DSL said...

This story is entirely true.

If I'm Honest I've not logged back in as I'm afraid.