Monday, 29 April 2013

A walk down hardware memory lane...


After a morning coffee conversation with BAPEsta on IRC about old hardware I sat and remembered my hardware wins over the years. Those moments when my hardware was totally pimp and buddies looked on in envy! (or not, lol)

After I got my first job out of school I managed to afford two, not one but 2 3DFX Voodoo 2 cards! I had 24MB of graphics memory and my buddies were blown away! I had to have a silly pass through VGA cable hanging out the back and it got SUPER hot at times! eventually I threw in this thing that didn't even have a monitor connector on the back called a POWER GRAPHICS card. It worked along side a regular card and offered as much of a boost as a single 3DFX card. It was pants but did awesome things with smoke effects. I kept both my Voodoo's AND the power graphics card in there at the same time and switched between them. My rig was crammed full and all running off a 400W power supply that at the time was pretty cool!

I can't really remember much else about the rig but it was an AMD FX chip (super socket 7 lol!) and i had like 64MB of RAM! I was running windows NT and Suse linux 2.0 (or was it Redhat... cant remember) 

Tomb Raider 2 on it ALL the time! 

That was pretty much the only time that my hardware blew people away and it was all in an old school case. i printed out the pattern from the Borg cube in star trek and covered my FULL  tower in it (the tower actually had a leather handle on the top lol.) I assure you at the time that was modding at its best! (that episode had literally JUST come out!) 

Even now i have fond memory's of actually calling a friend with my external 56K modem and playing duke nukem 3D one on one like it was cutting edge! 

anyway i probably have ll these memory's jumbled up and it may have been two different rigs but either way, just thought i would share. I wish i had taken some pictures of that beast! 

BTW if anyone wants to join me on IRC I hang out on:
Server: Rizon (
Channel: #linustechtips
User: HexDSL (registered. So you cant have it, lol) 

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