Sunday, 28 April 2013

CS:GO you want my wallet?

I play a lot of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive an am happy in general to pay for DLC if I want it. I do try to stay out of the debates about content pricing when it comes to shooters, its not like they charge a subscription. For me its a s simple as 'so I want that? is that price reasonable?' so when I saw the new 'Payback' map playlists for CS:GO I reached for my wallet. Imagine my surprise when I clicked it and was not taken to the usual checkout but instead to select a value to put into my steam wallet. 


Steam wallet? 


I am happy top spent money on games but I already have a wallet. I want to spent the £2.49 they want for these maps but why do I have to pay £4 just to keep a few quid in a steam wallet that I have never used? this is the sort of irritation that I try to avoid by using a PC to game on.  I honestly don't get why they are trying to get me to use a steam wallet system. Just show me a PayPal window! 

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