Saturday, 27 April 2013

Oh good, this looks crap

I may not have been entirely honest with you regarding my lack of excitement with new games. There is a small section of games that I have found pretty exciting recently. It seems lately that if developers/publishers put a decent amount of time and effort into a game, chances are you will end up with something pretty decent. Obviously there will always be games that turn out to be a bit crap, but it is not usually from bigger companies. Hell even the bigger games I didn't really like, such as Hitman Absolution and Assassin's Creed 3, were polished and smooth experiences, I just didn't like the gameplay.

So I have become a little obsessed with playing the high profile failures. I have already played Aliens Colonial Marines and Walking Dead Survival Instinct (I rent them, no way am I buying them), and played them with a morbid fascination  With Aliens being very bland and unattractive, with some truly hilarious animations and voice acting. Walking Dead actually had some nice idea's, which were terribly implemented, was dull as hell and pretty damn broken. Yet in each case when i found out they are on the way, I have a little jolt of excitement  The same jolt I got last night when I found out the new Star Trek game was on the way, apparently it's fucking awful. I can barely wait.

I never get this excited feeling when a decent new game turns up, Crysis 3 was on my desk for a couple of days before I even loaded it. I am so accustomed to good, that it doesn't get my (gaming) juices flowing. And I never play these crap games for very long, Aliens being the longest at 3 or 4 hours. Just enough to get a stong taste of the shittyness. For so many years I have just played good stuff I don't even know what crap games are like. Hell, stuff I didn't even take to, like fighting games, I realised they were good games, just not my cup of gaming tea.

So you look forward to the new consoles and the next Battlefield, I will look forward to the next trite movie game tie in.

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