Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Played League of Legends, there were no lol's

League of Legends is pretty popular, or so the numbers say. 40 million odd accounts and  a million people playing at any given time. I have always been a bit put off from trying it though, for two reasons. One being that it has a notoriously abrasive player base, and that there is a lot to learn and master in the game (these two are probably related). However, at Hex's urging, we gave it a go. We took the wussy option and set up a  5v5 game versus the AI bots, with three random players on our side, with the difficulty firmly set to beginner.

Suffice to say that 20 minutes later and me and Hex are struggling to hold our own, let alone win. Face with another 20 minutes or so of slowly losing, and being quite bored by this time, we reach the decision, quite easily, to log out and play Diablo 3 instead. On exiting we get a severe warning from the game, stating quitting a match results in a temporary ban. We have no problem with this, as it seems pretty damn unlikely we play it again.

It is safe to say they we have both given up on LoL and Moba's in general. I certainly don't have the patience to play (and lose) potentially hundred of games in order to get good. That is a lot of time, literally days of play. It does make me wonder how so many people managed to get into it in the first place. It takes a certain type of determination to overcome the odds and become good, hell even just competitive.

Then it hits me, I have seen that kind of determination before, in World of Warcraft. I have seen people in raids try and try to defeat bosses, and get killed time and time again and keep on trying. And as my recent final (probably, not guaranteeing anything) WoW quitting shows, I don't have the patience for it. But I also get why people do it. I have felt the wave of joy and satisfaction that finally bringing down a hard boss brings. It is a feeling that not many non gamers would experience. I would imagine that winning your first competitive LoL match would bring on a similar joygasm. Perhaps that is why the occasional very difficult game always finds a following, the harder the game the greater the climax. Hence the abrasive nature of LoL's players, if you mess up and your side loses, you are depriving your team mates of their hit.

Wow I have implied that gaming is addictive and used them to metaphor sex, nice.

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