Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Finally found a (e)Sport I like

I don't watch sport, or partake for that matter. Being a male this somehow makes me in a minority with my gender, for reasons that I don't quite understand. However I am going to MCM Expo again this year, they are having a LoL tournament finals there. Given my recent attempt to play the game, we thought that we would watch the livestream of the quarter finals over the weekend, with the semi's and final on the con weekend. Given my relative inexperience with LoL (I know the basics principle but not the interagency, much like real sport I suppose), it was fascinating and exciting to watch, in a way that I have never found sport to be.

Given the small amount of LoL I had played I couldn't help but being impressed with the players, and almost found myself up on my feet at exciting moments. I could really see me watching replays of matches. So why was this exciting to me in a way that I never found "real" sports to me. I guess it is because I can understand the skill and organisation of a LoL team facing off against each other. However with sport, like our national sport football, it just looks like a couple of dozen people running around after a ball. Hell I know football fans that would willingly agree that a lot of matches are boring, with not much happening.

I think that is the trick with something like LoL, there is always something happening. Surprise  ganking, teasing opposing players and snagging the dragons from the opposite team. With so much of what is happening tactics and strategy as well as reacting to the opposite team. It puts me in awe of the players, as with my limited experience, I can't fathom how I would ever be that good. Humm maybe that's why people seem to worship sports player, for being able to do things they never can.

It is odd that recently Hex tried to get me into NHL, without a lot of success. Heh, it was again people on a areana chasing after a thing, only this time they were on ice and after a puck not a ball. Wow I am bored with the whole idea, though I am looking forward to spectating a live LoL match, there is a good chance I will be on my feet.

Oh and these are the quarterfinals I watched if you are interested.






Hex DSL said...

does this mean we can play LoL again?

or DOTA2
or Smashmuck...

im easy.

Laurence Cook said...

Hell no, if anything I find the prospect more terrifying not less.