Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Going Home to the Convention

Last weekend I returned for the third time to the MCM Expo in London. For those that don't know this is Britain's version of the American Comic Conventions, and certainly the biggest event of the kind in the UK. As I sat there drinking a coffee, watching people in all kinds of costumes  come and go, I had an epiphany. The general populous may think it is odd that people dress up is comic, anime, game and movie characters, I came to the conclusion that those "normal" people  were odd because they didn't. I looked around and I could see more joy and happiness than I have seen anywhere else.

I think what I was really seeing on those happy faces was a passion and enthusiasm that you rarely see. Only here I was in a hub of passion and enthusiasm. People who have, like me, waited months to come together with those of a like mind. Even when people go on holiday they are rarely surrounded by such, well, not wishing to sound like a douche, waves of positivity. Why on earth would you not want to be a part of that, be a part of that glow. It just makes no sense to me.

I have always been a little, humm, difficult, to get to know. I am always very guarded. But here is a place where I don't need to be like that, hell I would struggle to be like that even if I tried. I feel I am failing miserably to convey just how comfortable I become when surrounded by thousands of geeks dressed in silly costumes. I know that it makes no sense but going to this Con (and presumably anything similar, not that I have found much similar) is like going home. So my recommendation is that if you get the chance throw caution to the wind, get dressed as you favourite character and head to a big con (if you are in America you have a lot more choice).

I am probably making a mistake saying that, as if this last Con is anything to go by, people have already taken this advice. Wow it was so very busy.

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