Sunday, 19 May 2013

Got the competitive itch for Guild Wars 2

Following a conversation with my co-blogger Hex I decided to start playing Guild Wars 2 again. I have always had a great deal of affection for GW2, but I haven’t touched it in months. This was down to a mixture of other things to play and it being fun but uncompelling. But when Hex tells me that he is now level 75 (of 80), I think, “wow I need to get back into this”.

I have to confess that the urge to play GW2 again has little to do with the game, though I have had fun playing it again, it is down to the urge to beat, or at least catch up with Hex. I am far from a competitive gamer, however when me and my BFF Hex are concerned, I have always been, if not better, then at least ahead of the curve. Take Skyrim for an example, he only started playing it a couple of months ago, I finished it a year ago. The only exception really being LOTRO, which he is much further along in, but I don’t really like, so I can ignore.

And I understand the reasoning behind me usually having played more than him, because he is a proper grown up with responsibilities, and I am a douche who spends most of his spare time gaming. So for the first time that I can think of, Hex is much further along in a game we both like. And the asshole in me kicks in, thinking that I need to get a shift on, I can’t let him get to max level before me. I am a little ashamed of this. I know that gaming is meant to be a competitive thing, but usually leaderboards and achievements and other such trite methods of getting a rise out of me usually fail to get a reaction. However finding out my best friend is much higher level than my characters in GW2 prompts me to action.

I guess this is not a bad thing, I have been meaning to get around to playing it again, and I do really like it. Guess I just feel like a scumbag because of my motivations.


Kevin R said...

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Hex DSL said...



level 80 (on my first character) you cant win that one so i guess you will have to focus on beating me to the end of the personal story.

oh, no, wait, i think i only have three missions left! and more time now...


but, no really, glad you are playing again!