Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Guild Wars 2. Some level 80 observations. (Part 1)

Guild Wars 2 is a fun game. I play it a lot and recently hit level 80 with my main character (a Male Human Mesmer.) I don’t feel like replaying with one of my many alternate characters just yet as with the personal/living story still going on I can't help but feel like hitting the level cap is far from ‘finishing’ the game.

With some MMO’s maximum level means that no matter how many quests are left you pursue raiding or PvP for endgame but with Guild Wars 2 and its single quest line structure hitting level cap means very little. There is still the same to do no as there was when I was level 79.
Guild Wars one however was different, the level cap took almost no time to hit but once reached you would still value a full level bar as it would give you an extra skill point that you could use towards unlocking skills for yourself or for your AI heroes. GW2’s structure means that that’s just not an issue as there are far fewer skills. In many ways I found the ‘trading card’ style and selection of skills in GW1 a more immersive and enjoyable experience. I even think that saving and loading builds was handled better.

In GW1 I could have a build ready for any given scenario but in GW2 I rarely change my load-out. I could even ‘ping’ a build into the chat channel where as in GW2 I have found no useful way of doing this.

All in all, I think that GW2 needs some serious work to give players a greater selection of skills and build combinations. In fact, now I have spent some time with everything unlocked while sitting at level cap I could even say that the system is so drastically inferior to the original game that the developers should re-think the whole thing from scratch.

I would also like to see more tools for grouping and encouragement to group but again, this is not really a deal breaker as I play a lot of GW2 solo due to time restrictions.

The skill system is only one small part of a much larger game and the rest of that game is pretty awesome and caters to my play style perfectly. I think I’ll finish a huge chunk more of the content with my main character and then hit some serious ‘alt’ time as I find my ranger very interesting to play.

Best of all I have logged a great many hours game play and not had to pay a penny in subscription charges (its free to ply after the initial purchase.) Not once have I felt that I was held back because I didn’t want to spend money in the gem store. The price of the game box was all that I had to spend so far (I say that but I did buy a pretty cool backpack that looks like a blue dinosaur once)

All in all. Guild Wars 2 is going well for me and I expect my gripes will be addressed in an expansion or update in the future.

If you have not tried it then you really should. Also, to my blog buddy Mr Fish, it’s about time you caught up isn’t it!

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