Saturday, 27 July 2013

Choices for game rental now that Love Film has stopped

For those of you that missed the news, Love Film have stopped offering game rentals as of the beginning of August. Their reasoning behind this is not to clear, but it pissed me off no end. I have been using them for about 5 years and they have always been really good. And in the space of 5 years I have rented just 1 film off them, as previously blogged I don't really watch movies/tv. So I decided to check out my other options a few weeks ago and see how they stack up. This only applies in the UK, and I should point out that none of the below services offer a online movie streaming service like Love Film did, this is (as always for me) about the games.

There are three services that I could find, Blockbuster, Boomerang and Paramount Games Rental. I started a free trial with all three of them at the same time and put The Last of US at the top of my rental time in all three cases. I will go through the ups and downs of each but I ultimately went with Paramount. I should point out that I was with Boomerang when I left them to join Love Film and I have used Blockbuster before.

Blockbusters unsurprisingly didn't send me The Last of Us, but actually sent me a Wii game I put on just to make up the list to 10 games (something that all 3 services request). Which I played for bit, and sent back, and they then sent me Defiance (which was further up my list). And here is the problem with Blockbuster, their pricing is good, £9.99 for 2 disc's at a time, and the turnaround time (how long from me sending a disc off to getting a new one back) was great. But their selection of games is pretty damn terrible. The reason why half of my list was Wii games was because I ran out of "main" console games to add. I also should point out that they don't rent 3DS/Vita games, unlike the other 2. If you love films and only want to rent the occasional high profile game, they are probably worth a look.

Boomerang are exclusively game rentals and I had no problems finding games to add onto my rental list. Again no The Last of Us, they sent me a game that was half way down my list (Dark Void), they have a way of indicating how in demand a game is and generally send you the low demand games. You can pay extra for the games at the top of your list to be sent instead of the the low and medium games. It is the most expensive of the 3, with the basic 2 discs at a time option being £13.99 or £15.99 if you want priority games first. I didn't go with them for a few reasons, the reason I left them years ago was because their turnaround time used to be terrible, and nothing much had changed there. The other reason being that I didn't want to pay 16 quid to get the games I really want because.

Paramount sent me the Last of Us, straight away. This pretty much put them at the top of the pile, I kept The Last of Us for pretty much the whole trial and them signed up, and they have continued to send me games in the exact order that I requested.The trial was one game at a time, but now I get 2 console game and 1 handheld game for £11.99 (about the same as Love Film). I really like the split with console/handheld as went I got my 3DS I added loads of games onto Love Film and 3DS titles were all we got. Down sides to Paramount?  Their website is genuinely awful. It has a rolling video on it that you can't stop, and has none of the login functionality or the other 2. It was so bad that I signed up with Pay Pal as I didn't want to put my card details in. And instead of online games rental list, you essentially email them the games you want. Also, kind of endearingly, the games arrive with good old fashioned British stamps on them. These are obviously not operating on the same scale as the other two, but are firmly beating them on price and service.

In case it wasn't clear I recommend Paramount Games Rental and they can be found at (see told you it was bad).


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