Sunday, 14 July 2013

The secret PC gaming meta game

I have recently been reminded of the meta game that all PC gamers go through. that makes PC gaming fairly unique (for better or worse). I am talking about the why won't it load/why is it crashing meta game. Now this is a game that consoles skip pretty much entirely, And that is undeniably a good thing, however I personally really like this game. 

I like it because as frustrating as it is to have a game that won't work properly, the satisfaction you get after you figure out why it not working and fix it is remarkable. Hell it is akin to defeating a boss in Dark Souls. Sometimes the solution is easy, my wife had to reinstall Borderlands 2 to get it to stop crashing. Or hard, I spent days tweaking Sleeping Dogs to stop it stuttering out frames. Or at the moment impossible (I have yet to figure out why Max Payne 1 or 2 refuse to load).

But when the solution finally presents itself, wow what great feeling that is. And I am sure many of you would think "why go through all that trouble?". And I could point out the PC's better graphics, or the ability to mod games, or hell the fact that I get to use a mouse (I suck with a pad). And while these are all factors, I can't deny that I just like tweaking. 

I have decent technical knowledge, but I can't write code or anything like that. So every time I have to dive into a forum to figure out why game A has problem B, I find myself learning a little more and that is great. I realise it is pretty messed up to turn one of PC gaming's biggest flaws into a positive, but that's how I feel.

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