Sunday, 7 July 2013

Will Dragon Age have other people in it.

With more details coming out regarding  the new Dragon Age game,  I started pondering about the inevitable multiplayer mode that EA will insist on shoehorning in.  Being optimistic I have decided to predict how the multiplayer will work.  Who know it might be good, after all Mass Effect 3's multiplayer turned out to be pretty good fun.

I can see it going one of two ways.  The first being a Xcom style one on one game, where you chose from a selection of characters from a pool and you have to take out the other players characters to win.  This could easily use cordoned off areas from the single player game, so you could have cover and blind corners. Potentially this could lead to clever mixing of characters abilities, such as a Mage lighting an archers arrows,  leading your opponents into traps, perhaps even having environmental hazards. I think it could be potentially pretty cool.

The other idea being closer to the Mass Effect way of doing it.  Each player having their own character, which they cooperatively take on waves of enemies. They could even make it like dungeons,  with bosses and such. The thought of running a mmo style dungeon without the usual annoying levelling up of a character first sounds quite cool. Naturally there would be levels and loot to earn to improve your character (so EA could work in the microtransaction aspect) though I think it potentially be more interesting if it took the dota or lol approach to levelling, so each dungeon you start at level 1 with crap gear and increase gear and levels through that dungeon.

I think either of these are quite plausible and possibly likely,  I felt the need to put them down now so I can feel smug when they multiplayer is confirmed. 

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