Wednesday, 28 August 2013

So Diablo 3 is pretty good then.

The week that Diablo 3 came out I rushed out and grabbed a copy from my local store in something of a frenzy. After some considerable play time logged I decided that I didn't like it. A decision that was wrong because after jumping into the second play through with the increased difficulty I realised that Diablo 3 is bloody brilliant. 

The first play through is a very easy ride, one that is so easy that its less of a game and more of a 'click and move on' experience, no different to a children's web game designed to teach mouse control.  It bored me. the second play through though is an unforgiving torrent of abuse and death. one that is satisfying and rewarding and it only gets better from there on.
I have played through the game Co-op (yes, with my blog buddy Mr Fish) and am now beginning the next difficulty level. The game has me hooked and the moment I finished my last play through I began the next. If you haven't experienced the joy that is Diablo 3 then you really should especially since there is an expansion coming out very soon 

The Reaper of Souls will contain a new playable class, new areas and more story within the current universe. for me though it also means, more loot and loot is the main reason Diablo has me hooked. unlike many other games Diablo is not about running heavy duty dungeons looking for raid tokens or 1% drop rated epic gear its about playing the game (the game that is one big dungeon really) and getting those cool drops at random just like Borderlands. 

With my love for the game only kicking in after I have finished it once I have  to wonder if I am being too forgiving of  it. Really I should be able to enjoy a game on my first play through. Most games I only play through once ever so its strange that this once gets better with each new play through. I wonder if this is true for other games that I have stopped playing mid way through. Considering I stopped playing Ray Man Origins because it made me repeat levels i have to wonder how Blizzard have nailed the repeat play value so well. 

I'm off to play Diablo now. 

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