Sunday, 8 September 2013

Here is why the 2DS is a genius move

Not too long I bought a 3DS, the XL model to be precise (I have huge hands for a man who is not particularly large) and Fire Emblem Awakening. It was pretty gratifying to discover that both the game and the device were as awesome as I have been told. Since then I have been slowly working through the DSi/3DS (never owned a DS before) back catalogue, discovering that there are some pretty damn phenomenal games on the platform. I am sure a lot of you are already aware of this and are happy 3DS owners.

Which brings me to the 2DS. On face value, why would you buy the, lets be honest, fairly unattractive console, when if you shop around you can get the full 3D model for not a lot more (only paid £120 for mine). Because sometimes £30 difference can turn something from a must buy into a don't want/can't afford. So while the 2DS is very much a poor man's (or more likely child's) 3DS, it is a great move by Nintendo. The reason being that, 3D or not, there are loads of great games that the 2DS will play.

Nintendo are very much a company that trades on, well nostalgia. The reason that they will always be ok, is because people love their characters, their iconic in a way very few other companies IP's are. And if Nintendo want to ensure it's continued success it needs to engender the love of Mario et al at a young age. So if that means churning out a cheap handheld console, to ensure that those zelda, mario and pokemon games get into the hands of under tens, then that's what they will do. They are very much playing the long game here, and I think it is inspired. Heh "baby's first games console" will be a 2DS. And as a grown up (kind off) it is very easy to sneer and mock this, but it is potentially a huge market that has always been largely neglected by the likes of Microsoft and Sony. Hell would you buy a 7 year old a Vita? Of course you wouldn't.

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Daniel Waller said...

good point and well said! p.s i'm here because i street passed with you :)