Sunday, 27 October 2013

It is Beyond me how Two Souls got good reviews

I don’t do game reviews, however having just finished Beyond Two Souls I got thinking about reviews. Now there has been a fair amount of, well flaming, of late regarding game reviews on various sites. Obviously gamespot had major issues not to long ago regarding GTA5, by giving it “only” a 9. I won’t rehash that story but by drawing attention to the failing of the game, people on the internet became incensed. Had I had the job of reviewing the game, I would have given it somewhere between a 6-7. Because that’s my opinion of the game. If you want to know more I have blogged about this here.

Now generally whilst I use reviews of games as a guideline to what games i buy/rent, if a big name game is released that I am excited by gets a bad review, I would happily concede that the game is bad. A prime example of this being Resident Evil 6, which, as I loved 4 and 5, I was super excited by. So when the game was released and was reviewed poorly, I was disappointed in the game, not angry at the reviewer. And when I finally got to play it, I found that the reviews were correct, it was a horrible quicktime mess.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The power of Bill

Bill's hat, doesn't sound very exotic does it. however it is one of the rarer Team Fortress 2 items, as the only way someone got it, is if they pre ordered Left for Dead 2, which I did. This was back in the day before TF2 became a free to play game, hell this was couple of years before steam trading even became a thing.

But now TF2 has a whole economy to it, with supply and demand operating as it does (or in theory should) in the real world. And as with real economy, the rarer a thing is, the more it is sought after. To be clear, I don't play that much TF2 and have no interest in cosmetic items in any way, regardless of the game. So about once a week I would get someone request to be a friend, and I would accept, knowing that these people had no desire to play games with me.

And within a couple of minutes I would get a message saying hello, would I like to trade Bill's hat (and occasionally other items). Some would pretend that they were new to the game and didn't know it's value, some would offer vast amounts of TF2 hats and weapons, and some would offer a cheap game. And I would always reply stating that I would only trade for the game of my choice (whatever I wanted at the time). 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Is everything better with sharing?

Me and the other half got into the Steam family sharing beta, so I thought I would share (pun totally intended) my thoughts. Once you have activated the beta you have a new option in the settings, to authorise the computer. On my computer I logged into my wife's account, authorised the account and then logged back into my account. Honestly it is a slightly cumbersome way of doing it, but it works and it is still in Beta. Once authorised you can go to your library and chose between your games and the other user's, or indeed choose to show all games in both Libraries.

So I installed half a dozen of her games, such as the excellent rogue-like Don't Starve, that I don't own, and she did the same. She installed Civ 5 off my account and started playing it, curious to see what would happen, I booted up a game and she got a pretty polite notification giving her a couple of minutes to finish what she was doing as I needed my games. It seems that sharing is as considerate and well thought out as we have come to expect from Valve.