Sunday, 27 October 2013

It is Beyond me how Two Souls got good reviews

I don’t do game reviews, however having just finished Beyond Two Souls I got thinking about reviews. Now there has been a fair amount of, well flaming, of late regarding game reviews on various sites. Obviously gamespot had major issues not to long ago regarding GTA5, by giving it “only” a 9. I won’t rehash that story but by drawing attention to the failing of the game, people on the internet became incensed. Had I had the job of reviewing the game, I would have given it somewhere between a 6-7. Because that’s my opinion of the game. If you want to know more I have blogged about this here.

Now generally whilst I use reviews of games as a guideline to what games i buy/rent, if a big name game is released that I am excited by gets a bad review, I would happily concede that the game is bad. A prime example of this being Resident Evil 6, which, as I loved 4 and 5, I was super excited by. So when the game was released and was reviewed poorly, I was disappointed in the game, not angry at the reviewer. And when I finally got to play it, I found that the reviews were correct, it was a horrible quicktime mess.

And speaking of horrible quicktime mess, this brings me back to Beyond Two Souls. The game is pretty terrible. It is a narrative mess that is sloppily and hamfistedly written and largely poorly acted (aside from Page). It has many choices which all feel inconsequential and the action scenes quick time events are very poorly telegraphed. It has some decent idea’s but consistently fails to pull them off, like trying to create an emotional connection, which fails due to the acting and the story structure (the game plays out in 20, seemingly randomly ordered, vignettes over 15 years).

So why the issue regarding beyond. Well my beef is that some people love the game. That in itself is something I can barely understand, but some of these people are games reviewers. What annoys me is the opposite of those that flamed Carolyn Petit for her GTA5 review. That a professional game reviewer is recommending people go and buy this shonky game.

Here is IGN and Destructoid's review of the game, a 6 and 5 respectively.

And here is Gamespot's review of the game, giving it a nine.

As I think about it, and look at the comments on the Gamespot review, there does seem to be a large number of people who liked the game. Humm maybe I am not that dissimilar to the flamers. I am trying to justify my opinions, just like they are. Like them I am getting annoyed and angry. But not because a beloved franchise is being criticized But confused how 3rd rate sci-fi channel writing and limited interactivity can be considered a great game. Ah screw it, if you like and enjoy Beyond, or indeed resident Evil 6, then you have fun.

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