Saturday, 23 November 2013

Am I an addict?

I finished Dark Souls, after what felt like literally days of play, oh wait, it was days of play. When I managed to defeat the final boss and the unsurprisingly curt final cut scene kicked in, it was one of the most cathartic gaming moments I have ever had. It wasn't because I now understood the game fully (I don't even after 160ish hours), or even that the plot is fully revealed. I think I finally got one of the biggest highs gaming has ever given me. I am under no illusion, I think I maybe an addict. Humm this Dark Souls blog is turning a bit, erm Dark.

I have recently mocked my lovely co-blogger for being, well, a bit casual now, to the extent that he said to me that about 80% of his gaming was done with me. I thought that there is no way I can game that little. Hell following his blog about Moba's I sort of realised that recently I have been in search of greater and greater hits. Hence the Dark Souls and me playing LoL. The harder and more complicated a game is the better the satisfaction, and the greater the high for me. That's why I think I have struggled with most multiplayer shooters, they have ruined the satisfaction of doing something awesome, with quick respawns and constant unlocks. Getting a new scope for your weapon in call of battlefield is of little joy compared to nabbing the game winning kill in a game of Counterstrike.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

I miss the original Guild Wars. I miss the environments, I miss the characters, I miss the Heroes and henchmen that I had access to. I miss choosing skills from a monstrous pool of options. Most of all I miss the gameplay.

In Guild Wars I would sit in a town or outpost and throw an ‘LFG’ into chat then just wait for the invites to ensue. Once I was in my group we would run a mission or clear an area (whatever the plan was) then part ways, occasionally I would ‘get along’ with someone and end up adding them to my buddy list.

Guilds were great groups of people and friends, who would usually be willing to help you level a character or finish a chapter. A group of guild buddies entering a PvP arena was a force to be reckoned with.

Guild Wars 2 is a different beast though. There are no pickup groups except for end game missions. The levelling system (if you can call that abomination a system) prevents you from having a great time storming a low level area.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Another adventure in the Linux promised land

I have 430 (approx) games on steam. That’s quote a few by my estimation. Of those 430 games, 90 (approx) work in Linux. Back when I was a kid if I had 90 games I would have gone bat poop crazy, but now as a jaded old blogger I don’t look at the 90 games that do work but the 340 that don’t.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MOBA's may not be for me.

The genre of games known as MOBA (Massively Online Battle Arena) is something that I am quite new to. The first few times I tried League of Legends I found it confusing, difficult and unsatisfying. In fact the first few times I didn't even finish the match before getting annoyed and exiting in protest.

Then my Blog buddy Mr fish became somewhat entranced by the LoL E-Sport scene then as these kinds of things tend to go he began playing the game.As you can imagine it was only a short time until I was sucked into playing his new obsession with him. Once I had gotten over the initial learning curve and went from terrible to not as terrible I actually began to enjoy the experience in a purely curiosity driven way.

Since my initial LoL Boot Camp I have found that it’s DOTA2 that is the game that I like best out of the selection. It’s brutal and unforgiving nature forces the player to give the game 100% attention while the vastly different and 100% unlocked champion selection gives you real options and differing play experiences.