Thursday, 7 November 2013

Another adventure in the Linux promised land

I have 430 (approx) games on steam. That’s quote a few by my estimation. Of those 430 games, 90 (approx) work in Linux. Back when I was a kid if I had 90 games I would have gone bat poop crazy, but now as a jaded old blogger I don’t look at the 90 games that do work but the 340 that don’t.

Games that I play with any regularly and Linux compatibility:
CS:GO - Windows only (pants in Wine)
DOTA2 - Linux version
Diablo 3 - Linux via Wine
Hawken - Don’t know (crumbs!)
Star Craft 2 - Linux via Wine
Minecraft - Java; so it’ll work on a fridge if you really try (so yes.)
Skyrim - Windows Only (pants in Wine, if at all)
Guild Wars 2 - Linux via Wine

As you can see of the 8 games I play a lot most of them can be loaded via Wine or have native Linux versions.

With the advent of SteamOS and the Steam Machine announcements more and more games are becoming Linux compatible. Thanks to the way Steam works anything I own in windows, I will also own in Linux. So, my list of 90 games will grow as the Steam library does.

Really as most of my Linux games are those indie titles that I have been meaning to play for months I should be grateful that I finally have a reason to look at them.

Why am I giving you all these thoughts fresh from that nonsense factory I call a mind? Well, its because I have accidentally become a more dedicated Linux user. Accidentally? I hear you scream in questioning confused anger.

Well, as I have said before I am a hobbyist Linux user. Meaning I use Windows as my main OS but ‘play’ with Linux to learn new geek skills and flex my brain, constantly trying to figure out how to make Linux work as well for me as Windows does. Here’s where the ‘accidental’ came in. I was successful in learning how to use Linux effectively and I have left myself with very few reasons to reboot into windows. This has been happening for a while now but this morning I realised that I had an ‘up-time’ of 3 days in Linux Mint install.

So, where do I go from here? As Linux does not support the Intel Smart Response system my mSATA/spinner setup does not work at all. I plan on picking up a ‘Hybrid drive’ next time I have some free cash. 500GB of Seagate Hybrid technology will cost me a pretty reasonable £60. The fact that these drives are 2.5 inch means that I don’t even have to take a drive out of my machine to use it. This drive will then house an ample Linux install complete with Steam games leaving my two 1TB drives free for storage. My 32GB mSATA will house a swap partition that I doubt I will ever really utilise as I have enough RAM for most tasks.

Now why do I want to make this joyous leap? Well, that’s easy. I like Linux. I’m not going to make the argument that its better than Windows because for most people it isn’t, but for me it is. I can tinker and tweak and mess as much as I like and it’s fun for me. Windows is boring. Microsoft are slowly eroding freedoms of computer users and I don’t like it. So Linux is my only option. It’s lucky I do like it.

I have a feeling that with SteamOS and Ubuntu making the ‘big push’ that the fabled year of Linux is not too far off now.

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