Saturday, 9 November 2013

I miss the original Guild Wars. I miss the environments, I miss the characters, I miss the Heroes and henchmen that I had access to. I miss choosing skills from a monstrous pool of options. Most of all I miss the gameplay.

In Guild Wars I would sit in a town or outpost and throw an ‘LFG’ into chat then just wait for the invites to ensue. Once I was in my group we would run a mission or clear an area (whatever the plan was) then part ways, occasionally I would ‘get along’ with someone and end up adding them to my buddy list.

Guilds were great groups of people and friends, who would usually be willing to help you level a character or finish a chapter. A group of guild buddies entering a PvP arena was a force to be reckoned with.

Guild Wars 2 is a different beast though. There are no pickup groups except for end game missions. The levelling system (if you can call that abomination a system) prevents you from having a great time storming a low level area.

Strangers do not group with you because they don’t need to. The way XP is divvied up makes it totally pointless. You can just follow a group of people and get XP as long as you take an occasional swing at the target.

Skills are no longer a vast tapestry of options but instead a puddle of choices that lacks any real depth when compared to the original.

PvP is a confusing experience that is wonderful for solo players but anyone who has ever tried playing with a friend knows how it can be difficult, especially when that friend is on a different server.

In GW1 servers were nothing to be concerned with. You could use a drop-down menu and switch at your leisure. In GW2 you have to ‘guest’ onto a server and not change more than once every 24 hours. It’s annoying for people with a lot of friends who play on different servers. A permanent transfer is rather pricey.

With all this said, GW2 is still my favoured MMO. It has a ‘nice’ world to explore and rewards you for doing so. It’s got random events to keep you entertained even in the vast wilderness. The levelling system drops you down as you enter lower level areas although annoying this adds a fascinating spin on the standard MMO structure.

There is fun to be had in GW2 and if you still haven’t tried it I can’t recommend it enough, it’s a very casual experience with scope for hardcore play and an item store that does not offend.

To call it a sequel to the original Guild Wars is not really true though. It has very few of the elements that made the original great. The only real carry over is the Lore and even then it’s moved on substantially, to the point that in some location it’s not recognisable as the same world.

My point with this post is really to just remind people that GW2 is still going strong as I think that many of us have forgotten how much content there is to explore and how often it’s updated. Seriously people, go revisit! You may like it, saying that however, GW1 is still a thing too. its also a GREAT game that you may have missed. 

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