Saturday, 21 December 2013

I am a Virgin no more

Bit of a rant. Have been with Virgin for 15 years (from back when they were NTL) for my broadband. I have currently got the 120mb package and earlier today I, without even thinking of it, downloaded a 22gb file. Only took about half an hour. I pretty much stopped looking at download sizes a few years ago. This was a Saturday afternoon. Not long after we note that our internet has slowed to a crawl.

So we phoned Virgin and they advised that as we had downloaded more than 17500 mb in an hour they have capped our internet by 75%. This is completely different details to what is on Virgins fair usage page. After a very long call to Virgin they advised that my internet can't fixed until the lock comes off in 90 minutes and that the fair usage applies evenings and the majority of the weekend 11 to 11pm Saturday and Sunday. I am a heavy user, hell even the Virgin guy confirmed that I downloaded 800 odd gigs in the last month. The only advice they have is to leave downloads on overnight. 

I was pretty furious. Why would I play a premium for super quick broadband, just to leave downloads on overnight. Seems completely redundant. Suffice to say I will be cancelling with them in the morning and have signed up with BT Infinity who confirmed that there are not capped or usage restrictions at any time. 

I know that this is not strictly gaming related but I was trying to watch the LoL Battle of the Atlantic and it was running like it was VHS.  

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Hex DSL said...

Thats chocking and counter intelligent. Faster broadband will result in more Mbps. Then they punish you for it on an hour by hour basis. Its not like you can slow it down.

I would double check that BT fair usage policy though, in my experience BT inflict it on a month by month basis.