Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wii U is for you

Not too long ago I was called a gaming hipster. I took some offence to this. Sure I like the odd indie game but I play plenty of mainstream games. So with the launch of the next gen consoles, I couldn't help but pick up a new box to sit under my TV. So obviously I bought a Wii U, fuck, I am a gaming hipster. Oh well i can console (pun definitely intended) myself with the fact that, unlike the next gen consoles, there are are good exclusive games on the Wii U.
This is the impressions bit then I guess. The Wii U impresses. The gamepad is genuinely a thing of beauty, it is not too heavy, the screen is sharp and from what I have played the screen is wonderfully integrated into most games. I have to confess that so far a lot of the time the Wii U has been streaming LoL games on twitch. That in itself is a recommendation, in that it's internet browser seems significantly better than either Sony or Microsoft efforts (heh including IE on the pc).

From what I have played the games look good and play very smoothly. I know that there is a lot of discussion regarding 720p vs 1080p. It may seem odd to say this as a pc gamer but I am not really fussed about console resolutions as long as the games look interesting. And that is the reason why I bought a Wii U. With Zombie U, Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3d World and Wind Waker HD, there are plenty of games to play on it, that aren't available on any other platform. And it may well be the case that I spent a couple of hundred quid on a game console purely to play Nintendo games. You know what I am completely fine with that.
That is inherently the strength of the Wii U (and the 3DS), that they have games of the type that you cannot play on any other systems. Though asking myself if I think Nintendo can turn around the Wii U sales, I have got to say no. There is one reason for that. Talking to my sister, who’s idea of gaming is ipad/facebook games, she had no idea what a Wii U was, despite owning a Wii. However she knew the PS4 had just come out. Nintendo have lost this purely from a marketing point of view.
The only thing that Nintendo can do is what they have been doing, releasing excellent first party titles, until gamers would be foolish to ignore it.

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