Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Played League of Legends, there were no lol's

League of Legends is pretty popular, or so the numbers say. 40 million odd accounts and  a million people playing at any given time. I have always been a bit put off from trying it though, for two reasons. One being that it has a notoriously abrasive player base, and that there is a lot to learn and master in the game (these two are probably related). However, at Hex's urging, we gave it a go. We took the wussy option and set up a  5v5 game versus the AI bots, with three random players on our side, with the difficulty firmly set to beginner.

Suffice to say that 20 minutes later and me and Hex are struggling to hold our own, let alone win. Face with another 20 minutes or so of slowly losing, and being quite bored by this time, we reach the decision, quite easily, to log out and play Diablo 3 instead. On exiting we get a severe warning from the game, stating quitting a match results in a temporary ban. We have no problem with this, as it seems pretty damn unlikely we play it again.

Monday, 29 April 2013

A walk down hardware memory lane...


After a morning coffee conversation with BAPEsta on IRC about old hardware I sat and remembered my hardware wins over the years. Those moments when my hardware was totally pimp and buddies looked on in envy! (or not, lol)

After I got my first job out of school I managed to afford two, not one but 2 3DFX Voodoo 2 cards! I had 24MB of graphics memory and my buddies were blown away! I had to have a silly pass through VGA cable hanging out the back and it got SUPER hot at times! eventually I threw in this thing that didn't even have a monitor connector on the back called a POWER GRAPHICS card. It worked along side a regular card and offered as much of a boost as a single 3DFX card. It was pants but did awesome things with smoke effects. I kept both my Voodoo's AND the power graphics card in there at the same time and switched between them. My rig was crammed full and all running off a 400W power supply that at the time was pretty cool!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

CS:GO you want my wallet?

I play a lot of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive an am happy in general to pay for DLC if I want it. I do try to stay out of the debates about content pricing when it comes to shooters, its not like they charge a subscription. For me its a s simple as 'so I want that? is that price reasonable?' so when I saw the new 'Payback' map playlists for CS:GO I reached for my wallet. Imagine my surprise when I clicked it and was not taken to the usual checkout but instead to select a value to put into my steam wallet. 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Oh good, this looks crap

I may not have been entirely honest with you regarding my lack of excitement with new games. There is a small section of games that I have found pretty exciting recently. It seems lately that if developers/publishers put a decent amount of time and effort into a game, chances are you will end up with something pretty decent. Obviously there will always be games that turn out to be a bit crap, but it is not usually from bigger companies. Hell even the bigger games I didn't really like, such as Hitman Absolution and Assassin's Creed 3, were polished and smooth experiences, I just didn't like the gameplay.

So I have become a little obsessed with playing the high profile failures. I have already played Aliens Colonial Marines and Walking Dead Survival Instinct (I rent them, no way am I buying them), and played them with a morbid fascination  With Aliens being very bland and unattractive, with some truly hilarious animations and voice acting. Walking Dead actually had some nice idea's, which were terribly implemented, was dull as hell and pretty damn broken. Yet in each case when i found out they are on the way, I have a little jolt of excitement  The same jolt I got last night when I found out the new Star Trek game was on the way, apparently it's fucking awful. I can barely wait.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Games no longer excite me

Over the last few months a weird thing has happened to me. I no longer get excited about new games. Don't get me wrong I still love playing games and it is my overriding passion, however I no longer wait with bated breath for the big new releases. Take the new Bioshock for instance, I didn't pre-order it, and didn't really intend to pick it up when it came out. The only reason I caved was because literally everyone on twitter was talking about it.

And I enjoyed it very much, playing it pretty much constantly until I finished it. It was very good, but not that exciting. The game plays quite similarly to previous Bioshock games and the plot does some very clever (if perhaps nonsensical) things. But that is what I expected. I expected the game to be reliably excellent, and it was. Maybe I am becoming a jaded old man but reliably  excellent is not that excited any more. So why buy games brand new when I can wait and get good games cheap within months (sometimes weeks) of release. Perhaps this is why I rent a lot of games rather than buy them, because I can play a good but unexciting game, like Crysis 3 which I currently going through. And I reward those games that I rent and do excite me by buying them, like Yakuza and Binary Domain. 

Battleyawn 4

Watching the Battlefield 4 trailer I had one overriding thought, aside from that is the prettiest construction site I have ever seen, was how completely lacking in choice it is. Essentially pushing forwards and shooting things that pop up, much like many modern day shooters, or indeed those light gun games you get in arcades. The only choice you have is what you shoot them with, in the case of the video an assault rifle or shotgun, or assault rifle or grenade launchers. You know what, it looked boring. Despite all the explosions and beautifully rendered debris, hell despite the amputations and Bonnie Tyler, it looked dull.