Wednesday, 28 August 2013

So Diablo 3 is pretty good then.

The week that Diablo 3 came out I rushed out and grabbed a copy from my local store in something of a frenzy. After some considerable play time logged I decided that I didn't like it. A decision that was wrong because after jumping into the second play through with the increased difficulty I realised that Diablo 3 is bloody brilliant. 

The first play through is a very easy ride, one that is so easy that its less of a game and more of a 'click and move on' experience, no different to a children's web game designed to teach mouse control.  It bored me. the second play through though is an unforgiving torrent of abuse and death. one that is satisfying and rewarding and it only gets better from there on.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Which is more important, gameplay or the game world?

Having been playing Remember Me, I have discovered that I have a dilemma.  As a game it is,  at best, average,  with only a couple of new ideas (the really interesting one only being used twice so far in the space of about four hours). However I am really enjoying the world and the story.  The environments are beautiful realisation of a future "neo" Paris, and the tale of memories and their manipulation as a form of totalitarian control is fascinating.
But in the back of my mind I know that the combat (which is pulling off punching combo's again and again) and the climbing (firmly in the Uncharted mold) aren't very good or original.  But I am enjoying it because it is a different world that is great to see and experience. So where do you draw the line between gameplay and game story. Recently The Last of Us received a great deal of praise, and I understand why.  Like Remember Me it is an evocative world telling an absorbing story,  but also like Remember Me the game mechanics aren't very original.  The Last of Us fairs better because it's mechanics are more solid and satisfying than Remember Me's, but still not a massive step from what other games have done previously.