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My Top 5 of 2014

Well that's 2014 done with then. Whelp I guess I should do one of them list things. It has been an odd year for games. With plenty of issues, that one could argue is just the medium growing, not that that excuses the Gamergate stupidity. Also it felt like a year where gaming fell into a bit of a rut. Lots of very decent games, plenty of really good ones and no really stunners. This year has no Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption or Half-life 2.

Still there have been some real good stuff. So this is my top five games of the year that I have played this year.

Wolfenstien New World Order

Wolfenstien is an odd game, as a shooter it has some magnificent weapons, great set pieces and awesome levels, hell it even has good stealth. The thing that really stands out is that I can never tell if it is being tongue in cheek or deadly serious. Fighting a giant nazi mech which is then followed by the musing of BJ (the main character is called BJ for fucksake) on the horrors of war. What really impresses is that it actually manages to create
a very believable world of a 1960's run by nazi's, moon base and all.

I love good single player shooters and this is the best one this year (though competition is admittedly fairly scarce). It even has some clever new ideas, such as a laser tool that allows you to cut holes cover and boxes, which through upgrades also turns into a pretty bad ass weapon. In fact the whole game is pretty bad ass, duel wielding shotguns doesn't get boring. It is also informed by some old school ideas, such as only very limited regenerating health and medpack and armour pick ups. If you have fond Wolfenstien memories, this does them justice.


I was bored of multiplayer shooters. They all seemed tedious and uninteresting, even the great ones like Counterstrike. And then I picked up Titanfall. I have played more Titanfall this year, than all other multiplayer shooters put together. I think it is the movement that does it. Running and jetpack up, through and over buildings, knowing that stopping makes you dead, it’s a joy. I think the other bonus is that, for the most part, snipers don't really exist, this in itself makes me happy (I am crap at sniping and I hate snipers).

As all the maps are pretty small, you are never far from action, especially as there are npc enemies (creeps like in moba's) that need  killing as well. Oh and I love the smart pistol. I know it gets a lot of hate, but as someone who is not the greatest shot, it's amazing. It locks
onto enemies and just press the mouse button to take them out. That sounds overpowered  but to kill a player you still need to get pretty close and not get killed for a good 4 seconds. In a game as fluid as this, not easy.

And then that magical moment kicks in when the voice announces your titan is ready and you see it slam into the ground. The titan pulls  you up into it's mechanical womb (that's a thing I said, out loud, whilst playing). The genius of the titan's is that while you are powerful, you are also now a slow big target, so it keeps the balance perfectly.
I think thats the thing I love most about Titanfall, the way a match is constantly about the flow of movement. Running across rooftops, jetpacking over ledges and leaping off into the loving arms of your titan. It manages something nearly every other shooter fails at, it makes the none shooty bits fun to play as well.

Dark Souls II

I know I wrote a blog about how it isn't as good as Dark Souls, and I stand by that. However it is fecking brilliant. I have restarted the game and have been playing it with co-blogger Hex. After struggling through Dark Souls with consistent connection issues, playing Dark Souls II with him is a joy. Being able to connect quickly and easily has made me appreciate it even more.

There is still a great deal of depth to the game that I have barely touched and exploring the game and new classes with him is like playing the game anew. Hell last night we discovered (and got splatted by), a boss I had never seen before. The game looks great, the controls are as incredibly solid as ever and the changes to the game from the first makes playing it cooperatively a joy. I am big fan of the Soul's series, and whilst 2 is not the best it still demands to be played.

Shadows of Mordor

When I first saw preview videos of this prior to release, I thought it looked like a assasin's creed knock off, hell some of the animations looked like they had been lifted wholesale. However it is nice to be wrong. Whilst Shadows of Mordor does borrow a lot from other games, like ass creed and the Arkham games, it makes it it's own.

Set between the hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy it explores Mordor before Sauron hit his full power. It is a dangerous, exciting world full of things that want to kill you. There is a series of plot missions that are pretty good, but the core game is around killing the orc captains and warchiefs. These captains being harder versions of normal orcs, the higher the rank, the more badass they are. This is where the clever (and I assume soon to be much
"borrowed") nemesis system comes in. If a random orc kills you, they get promoted, the more you die at their hands the harder they become. All this is randomised, so you are essentially creating your own enemies. All these orcs have there own appearance, names and strengths and weaknesses.

All this makes are a very engaging open world game of cat and mouse. Trying to kill and engineer enemies into the right place, so you can deal with them. Nothing balls up a plan than stumbling across an unknown captain halfway through a fight, in a good way. Oh and while the main character is a bit of a personality vacuum, the plot is still better than the hobbit films.

Divinity Original Sin

Hands up, I still haven't finished this one yet, but it is going on the list anyway. I am not a man given to nostalgia, so while i did play Baulder Gate and it's ilk when them came out, I never felt the urge to go back. And the reason that Original Sin is so good, is that while at a glance it may seem to pander to those who loved the old infinity engine games, it doesn't pander at all. They have created a vibrant, interesting world full of possibilities, mysteries and action. Where well written, and often quite funny, dialogue is around every corner.

The fact that the entire game can be played in co-op works wonders, having two main characters, that can often disagree, make every major decision a contest, brilliantly resolved with a game of rock, paper, scissors. Playing through with the wife was fascinating, constantly double guessing her. Would she pick rock twice, or would she expect me to think that?

The combat deserves a special mention, as soon as you enter combat, you get action points to be used for movement, attacks, special moves or item use, not unlike fallout 1 and 2.
Your character uses their AP and then the enemies use there, and they are capable of all the same abilities as your characters. All this is built around a world to be manipulated, poison clouds explode, you can't shoot through smoke, you can freeze water to make people slip and make it rain to put out fire. And all these rules apply to your party as well as your enemy. Make no mistake on normal difficulty this is a very hard game, we played it on easy for most of the game.

But the thing that really makes the game stand out is that those rules apply to the entire game. Want to kill someone, kill them. Want to steal something, do so. The game will, usually, accommodate whatever you want to do. The sense of freedom this gives you to deal with the world is remarkable, and unmatched by any game I have played. If that's not a recommendation, I don't know what is.

So that's my top 5, two shooters, two rpgs and an action adventure, humm I like to think I love indie games, maybe I am lying to myself.

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Stacie Huudson said...

Hello,such a decent list. Titanfall isn't a terrible game,yet it isn't a great game either.Despite the fact that some people deny it,it truly is simply Call of Duty in the future with giant robots.The whole load-out section is just about a mirror copy of CoD,yet has a great deal less customization options.There was just 10-12 weapons that you could browse, and just a modest bunch of perks.The game rounds passed by amazingly quick, and the AI bots are minimal more than cannon fodder.While Titans are decently adjusted,it appears to be so natural it would be impossible acquire them, and excessively simple to destroy them.Thank you.
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