About Quest Hard

Quest Hard is a team of bloggers on a continuing mission to entertain and amuse your puny minds while taking you on an existentialist pilgrimage through the philosophy of gaming culture. To accomplish this we will use Social Networking, Vlogging, Video articles, Podcasts, music and maybe even one day a game show with half naked lady's and a monkey. 

Hex is the dude who writes all of the over opinionated ramblings, edits the look and feel of our web content and edits our podcasts. He is known for a love of the social networking and bad movie's as well as an over active love of Classic rock music (Rush, Whitesnake and a little Alice Cooper)

He is aware that he's not cool and in a way, that's kinda cool..... is what he tells people. 

Tweet Hex using http://www.twitter.com/hexdsl
Hex's About me page http://about.me/questhard/
Hex's Last.FM profile at http://www.last.fm/user/hexdsl
Raptr Profile at http://raptr.com/HexDSL

Mr Fish:
Gaming obsessive who spills his mind out into blogs and videos.

I leave all the internet magic to Hex and focus on imparting my gaming wisdom. I am a true gaming magpie and will try and love all games. Also love comic books and most pop culture. Goddamn it I wish I coud stop thinking about games for one friggin' second, oh Steam sale.....

Tweet Mr Fish on Http://www.twitter.com/hangmansj0e/
Fish's About Me page is http://about.me/hangmansjoe

Other Contributors:
As you can probably tell from the section of the side bar marked 'Contributors' we have more than a two man team here at Quest Hard but the other contributors are more casual and only post as and when they have something they are passionate about.

Take Part:
If you would like to be part of Quest Hard then e-mail Hex (HexDSL@QuestHard.com) or tweet us with some sample work and we will happily give you a place to post but remember we don't make money, we are in it for the fame and glory not the booty. 

Make us 'Take Part': 
We are happy to cross post on any site that has readers and will come on any podcast that requests us and is produced in a serious way (no time wasting) if you have a project and we can help, we will, gladly.  

Contact us: 
Yeah, See above, next to our smiling faces? well in that section there are link to the many networks we frequent. Feel free to add us on any one of them there services and we will get messages almost the moment they leave your mind. Or, if you would prefer then the address HexDSL@Questhard.com is delivered to Hex's phone and as such will be read within an hour or so of posting. 

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